Simplify MachiningTM

Simplify MachiningTM

The benefits of self-tuning and the technology behind the tools

Vibration in machining usually causes damaged parts and poor surface quality. This can potentially destroy cutting inserts and dramatically increase production costs. MAQ provides a new method for mass dampening to minimize movement and neutralize vibration.

In this brochure, you’ll learn more about the benefits of self-tuning and how vibration absorption can save you a lot of money and time, while increasing effectivity and minimizing risk in your work.

Download the brochure to read more about:

  • The benefits of self tuning – such as no vibration, less energy consumption and higher quality
  • The unique MAQ technology – no oil or adjustment needed
  • MAQ vs leading competitors – higher cutting speed and better surface finish
  • Our method: Turning tools, cutter heads and milling tools